Sherwood RX-5502: Unleashing Audiophile Excellence


In today’s world, where music and audio play a significant role in our lives, the importance of high-quality sound amplification cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a movie lover, or someone who simply appreciates crystal-clear audio, having a reliable and powerful amplifier is essential. In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Sherwood RX-5502 stereo amplifier, a device that promises to deliver exceptional sound quality and a wide range of features.

The Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier is designed to enhance your audio experience by providing clean and powerful amplification for your speakers. With its impressive technical specifications and innovative design, this amplifier aims to take your listening pleasure to new heights. From its sleek and compact construction to its advanced functionality, the Sherwood RX-5502 is poised to become a valuable addition to any audio setup.

Whether you’re looking to create a home theater system or simply want to enjoy your favorite music with enhanced clarity and depth, the Sherwood RX-5502 promises to deliver an immersive audio experience like no other. Let’s delve deeper into its technical specifications, design, functionality, sound characteristics, and overall performance to see if it lives up to its claims.

Technical Specifications

The Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier boasts impressive technical specifications that contribute to its exceptional performance and sound quality. With a power output of 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms, this amplifier delivers robust and dynamic audio reproduction. The amplifier operates in Class AB, which combines the efficiency of Class B amplifiers with the low distortion characteristics of Class A amplifiers.

When it comes to sound quality, the Sherwood RX-5502 ensures a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), resulting in minimal background noise and a clean audio signal. The total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 0.08%, guaranteeing accurate and faithful sound reproduction without unwanted distortions.

This amplifier offers various inputs and outputs, providing versatility in connecting different audio sources. It features multiple audio inputs and outputs, allowing you to connect your favorite devices such as CD players, turntables, or media players. Additionally, it supports AM/FM stereo tuning with RDS capability, providing access to a wide range of radio stations.

The frequency response of the Sherwood RX-5502 ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz, ensuring a full spectrum of sound reproduction across all audible frequencies. With its compatibility with 8-ohm speakers, this amplifier can easily drive most home audio setups.

In summary, the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier’s technical specifications highlight its powerful performance and dedication to delivering high-quality audio. Its Class AB operation, low THD, ample connectivity options, and broad frequency response make it an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking an amplifier that can enhance their listening experience.

Design and Construction

The Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier boasts a sleek and elegant design that seamlessly blends into any interior. Its compact size and stylish black color make it visually appealing and versatile. The amplifier is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

One notable design feature of the Sherwood RX-5502 is its efficient cooling system. The amplifier is equipped with strategically placed vents and heat sinks, allowing for optimal heat dissipation during prolonged use. This design not only helps to prevent overheating but also contributes to the overall reliability and longevity of the amplifier.

In terms of reducing interference, the Sherwood RX-5502 employs advanced shielding techniques. This helps to minimize external electrical noise or interference, resulting in a cleaner audio signal and enhanced sound quality.

The connectors and switches on the Sherwood RX-5502 are of excellent quality. They are sturdy, well-built, and provide a secure connection for various audio devices. The input/output connectors are conveniently located on the rear panel, making it easy to connect multiple audio sources without cluttering the front panel.

Overall, the design and construction of the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier showcase attention to detail and a commitment to delivering a reliable and high-performing audio device. Its sleek appearance, efficient cooling system, robust connectors, and reduced interference make it a standout choice in its category.


The Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier offers a wide range of functionality, making it a versatile choice for audio enthusiasts. With multiple audio inputs and outputs, this amplifier allows for seamless connectivity with various audio sources such as CD players, computers, smartphones, and more. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite music from a physical media or stream it wirelessly, the RX-5502 has got you covered.

In addition to its extensive connectivity options, this amplifier also provides users with convenient control features. It includes balance controls and tone adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune the audio output to your preferences. Whether you prefer a bass-heavy sound or a more balanced audio profile, the RX-5502 gives you the flexibility to customize the sound according to your liking.

Furthermore, the Sherwood RX-5502 offers different operating modes to suit different listening scenarios. It supports stereo mode for traditional two-channel setups, allowing you to enjoy a classic stereo experience. Additionally, it provides multiple surround sound modes for those who want an immersive audio experience while watching movies or playing games.

Overall, the functionality of the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier is impressive. Its versatile connectivity options, balance controls, tone adjustments, and various operating modes make it a user-friendly and adaptable choice for any audio setup. Whether you are a casual listener or an avid audiophile, this amplifier caters to your diverse needs and preferences.

Sound Characteristics

The sound characteristics of the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier are truly impressive. It delivers a high-quality audio experience with exceptional clarity and precision.

When it comes to details, this amplifier shines. Every nuance and subtlety in the music is brought to life, allowing you to hear even the smallest intricacies in the recordings. The instrument separation is excellent, creating a spacious soundstage where each instrument can be heard distinctly and accurately placed.

The bass response of the Sherwood RX-5502 is deep and impactful. It provides a solid foundation to the music, adding richness and depth to the overall sound. Whether you’re listening to bass-heavy genres like hip-hop or electronic music, or more delicate acoustic tracks, the amplifier handles low frequencies with finesse and control.

On the other end of the spectrum, the treble clarity of this amplifier is remarkable. The high frequencies are crisp and well-defined, without any harshness or sibilance. This allows for a smooth and detailed reproduction of vocals, cymbals, and other high-frequency elements in the music.

In terms of overall sound presentation, the Sherwood RX-5502 excels at creating a balanced and immersive listening experience. It strikes a perfect balance between warmth and accuracy, ensuring that every genre of music sounds fantastic through this amplifier.

Whether you’re into rock, jazz, classical, or any other genre, this amplifier enhances the sound in a way that elevates your listening pleasure. It brings out the energy and dynamics of rock music while maintaining the finesse and delicacy required for classical pieces. No matter what your musical preferences are, the Sherwood RX-5502 will deliver an enjoyable sonic experience across all genres.

In conclusion, the sound characteristics of the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier are exceptional. It offers outstanding detail retrieval, impressive instrument separation, powerful bass response, clear treble clarity, and an overall balanced sound presentation. This amplifier truly enhances the sound of various music genres, making it a versatile and reliable choice for any audiophile.

Sound Performance

The Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier delivers an exceptional sound performance that is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. With its powerful amplification capabilities and innovative circuitry, this amplifier truly shines in its ability to faithfully reproduce audio signals with remarkable clarity and precision.

When it comes to clarity, the Sherwood RX-5502 excels in bringing out the finest details in your music. Every instrument and vocal is rendered with stunning accuracy, allowing you to experience the subtle nuances and textures that make each recording unique. The amplifier’s low distortion levels ensure that the audio remains clean and transparent, preserving the integrity of the original recording.

The dynamics of the Sherwood RX-5502 are nothing short of impressive. Whether you’re listening to soft, delicate passages or explosive, high-energy tracks, this amplifier effortlessly handles the dynamic range with finesse. The transitions from quiet to loud are seamless, creating a captivating listening experience that draws you into the music.

Tonal balance is another area where the Sherwood RX-5502 truly excels. The amplifier provides a well-balanced sound across all frequency ranges, ensuring that no aspect of your music is overshadowed or lacking in presence. The bass response is deep and impactful, while the midrange remains rich and detailed. The highs are crisp and articulate without ever becoming harsh or fatiguing.

Regardless of the genre or style of music you enjoy, the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier delivers a sound performance that will leave you thoroughly impressed. From classical symphonies to heavy rock anthems, this amplifier faithfully reproduces every note with remarkable accuracy and finesse.

In summary, the Sherwood RX-5502’s sound performance is nothing short of exceptional. Its ability to faithfully reproduce audio signals with clarity, dynamics, and tonal balance across different frequency ranges sets it apart from other amplifiers in its class. Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, the Sherwood RX-5502 will undoubtedly elevate your listening experience to new heights.


The Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier offers a range of advantages that set it apart from its competitors in the market. Firstly, its audio performance is exceptional, delivering high-quality sound with precision and clarity. The amplifier boasts a power output of 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms, ensuring a robust and immersive listening experience.

One of the standout features of the Sherwood RX-5502 is its versatility. With multiple audio inputs and outputs, users have the flexibility to connect various devices such as CD players, turntables, and media players. This allows for seamless integration into any home entertainment setup.

Furthermore, the inclusion of an AM/FM stereo tuner with RDS enhances the overall listening experience by providing access to a wide range of radio stations. The tuner can store up to 30 preset stations in its memory, allowing for easy access to favorite channels.

In terms of design, the Sherwood RX-5502 boasts an elegant and compact construction. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of sophistication to any interior decor, while its compact size ensures it can fit seamlessly into any space.

When compared to other models in its price range, the Sherwood RX-5502 stands out for its impressive power output and low harmonic distortion (THD). These features contribute to a clean and accurate sound reproduction that rivals more expensive amplifiers on the market.

Overall, the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier provides users with a range of advantages that make it a top choice in its category. Its exceptional sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and elegant design set it apart from the competition. Whether you are a music enthusiast or simply looking to enhance your home audio system, the Sherwood RX-5502 delivers outstanding performance and value for money.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier truly shines. With its exceptional performance, extensive features, and reasonable price, this amplifier offers an incredible bang for your buck.

In terms of performance, the RX-5502 delivers impressive power and clarity. Each sound channel boasts a minimum of 100W at 8 Ohms, ensuring a robust and immersive audio experience. The low harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.08% further enhances the audio quality, allowing for precise and accurate sound reproduction.

The array of features offered by the RX-5502 is also commendable. It comes equipped with multiple audio inputs and outputs, providing versatility in connecting various devices. Additionally, the built-in AM/FM stereo tuner with RDS allows for unlimited audio enjoyment by storing up to 30 radio stations in its memory. This feature-rich amplifier ensures that you have all the necessary tools to create your ideal audio setup.

Considering its price point, the Sherwood RX-5502 offers exceptional value compared to other amplifiers on the market. Not only does it deliver outstanding performance and an extensive range of features, but it also maintains an affordable price tag. This makes it an excellent choice for both budget-conscious consumers and audiophiles seeking a high-quality amplifier without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Sherwood RX-5502 provides excellent value for money. Its combination of impressive performance, extensive features, and affordability make it a standout option in its category. Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated music enthusiast, this amplifier delivers on all fronts without compromising your wallet.


In conclusion, the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier proves to be a versatile and high-performing audio device that offers exceptional sound quality and a wide range of features. With its compact size and elegant design, it seamlessly blends into any interior setting.

The amplifier’s technical specifications are impressive, with each sound channel delivering a minimum of 100W at 8 Ohms and a low harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.08%. This ensures that every audio detail is reproduced accurately, allowing for a truly immersive listening experience.

The Sherwood RX-5502 offers a variety of connectivity options, including multiple audio inputs/outputs and an AM/FM stereo tuner with RDS support. The built-in tuner can store up to 30 radio stations in its memory, providing unlimited access to your favorite broadcasts.

One of the standout features of this amplifier is its ease of use. With the included remote control, navigating through the various functions and adjusting settings becomes effortless. Additionally, the amplifier’s construction is solid and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

When it comes to sound characteristics, the Sherwood RX-5502 excels in delivering nuanced audio nuances and balanced dynamic power. The sound reproduction is clear and detailed, allowing for an immersive listening experience across various genres of music.

In terms of value for money, the Sherwood RX-5502 offers excellent performance at a reasonable price point. Its combination of high-quality sound, user-friendly functionality, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for both casual listeners and audio enthusiasts alike.

For potential buyers seeking a reliable stereo amplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality without breaking the bank, the Sherwood RX-5502 is highly recommended. Its innovative design elements, extensive features, and affordability make it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their audio setup.

Overall, the Sherwood RX-5502 amplifier stands out as a top contender in its category. With its impressive sound performance, versatile functionality, and attractive design, it is a solid choice for anyone in search of a high-quality amplifier that delivers on both audio performance and value for money.

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