Electrocompaniet ECI-6D: Unleashing Audiophile Excellence


In the world of audio equipment, high-quality sound amplification is essential for delivering an immersive and captivating listening experience. Whether you are a music enthusiast or a movie lover, having a reliable and powerful amplifier can greatly enhance your audio setup. In this review, we will be delving into the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier, a remarkable piece of hifi equipment that promises to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier is designed to deliver audio with precision and clarity, ensuring that every nuance and detail of your favorite tracks or movies is faithfully reproduced. With its advanced features and exceptional performance, this amplifier aims to cater to the needs of audiophiles and enthusiasts alike.

Throughout this review, we will explore the technical specifications, design and construction, functionality, sound characteristics, sound performance, advantages, value for money, and ultimately provide a conclusion on the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier. So let’s dive in and discover what makes this amplifier stand out from the competition and why it may be the perfect addition to your audio system.

Technical Specifications

The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier boasts impressive technical specifications that contribute to its exceptional performance. With a power output of 200 watts per channel at 4 ohms and 125 watts per channel at 8 ohms, this amplifier provides ample power to drive even demanding speakers.

In terms of class, the ECI-6D utilizes Class AB amplification, which combines the benefits of both Class A and Class B amplifiers. This results in efficient power usage while maintaining high-quality sound reproduction.

When it comes to sound quality, the amplifier offers a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 135 dB. This means that the audio signal is amplified with minimal background noise, allowing for clear and detailed sound reproduction. Additionally, the total harmonic distortion (THD) is a mere 0.004%, ensuring accurate and faithful audio reproduction.

The ECI-6D features a variety of inputs and outputs to accommodate different audio sources and systems. It includes two coaxial audio inputs, two optical audio inputs, one XLR analog input, and one RCA analog input. This versatility allows users to connect a wide range of devices such as CD players, turntables, and streaming devices.

In terms of compatibility, the amplifier supports audio formats up to a sampling frequency of 192 kHz, ensuring high-resolution playback for audiophiles. The amplifier also features an integrated DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), allowing for direct connection to digital sources such as computers or media streamers.

With a frequency response range starting from 1 Hz and reaching up to an impressive 150,000 Hz, the ECI-6D ensures that no detail is lost in the audio reproduction process. Additionally, the amplifier has an impedance rating of 4-8 ohms, making it compatible with a wide range of speakers.

Overall, the technical specifications of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier showcase its ability to deliver powerful, high-fidelity sound while offering flexibility and compatibility with various audio sources.

Design and Construction

The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that is sure to catch the eye of any audio enthusiast. Its black color adds a touch of elegance, making it a stylish addition to any home audio setup.

The construction of the amplifier is sturdy and robust, weighing in at 20kg. This weight not only adds to its durability but also ensures stability when placed on a surface. The use of high-quality materials is evident in its solid build, giving it a premium feel.

One notable design feature of the ECI-6D is its efficient cooling system. The amplifier is designed with ventilation slots and strategically placed heat sinks, allowing for effective heat dissipation during prolonged use. This ensures that the amplifier remains cool even during intense audio sessions, minimizing the risk of overheating and potential damage.

In terms of reducing interference, the ECI-6D employs advanced shielding techniques to minimize electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. This results in clean and uninterrupted audio signals, allowing for a truly immersive listening experience.

The connectors and switches on the ECI-6D are of exceptional quality. The amplifier features a variety of inputs and outputs, including USB, coaxial, optical, XLR, and RCA connections. These connectors are well-built and provide a secure and reliable connection for your audio devices. The switches on the amplifier are smooth and responsive, giving you precise control over your audio settings.

Overall, the design and construction of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier showcase attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Its stylish appearance, durable build, efficient cooling system, and high-quality connectors make it a standout choice for audiophiles seeking both performance and aesthetics in their audio equipment.


The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier offers a wide range of functionality, making it versatile and convenient for various audio setups. It provides multiple connectivity options, allowing you to connect different audio sources such as CD players, computers, smartphones, and more. With its various inputs located on the rear panel, you can easily connect your devices using the appropriate cables and drivers.

One notable feature of the ECI-6D is its built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), which supports a high sampling frequency of 192 kHz. This means that it can accurately reproduce audio signals with exceptional clarity and detail. Additionally, the amplifier features an integrated USB player, providing a convenient way to play your digital music files directly from a USB drive.

In terms of controls, the ECI-6D offers a range of options to customize your listening experience. While it does not have an equalizer or tone adjustments, it does provide balance controls, allowing you to fine-tune the sound output to suit your preferences. The amplifier also has various operating modes that enhance its versatility. For example, it features an RS232 control for integration into smart home systems, offering seamless control and automation.

Overall, the functionality of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier is impressive. Its multiple connectivity options and built-in DAC ensure compatibility with a wide range of audio sources, while its balance controls and operating modes provide flexibility in tailoring the sound output to your liking. Whether you are a music lover or a home theater enthusiast, this amplifier’s functionality will surely meet your needs and elevate your audio experience.

Sound Characteristics

The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier offers exceptional sound characteristics that are sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. With its precise and accurate reproduction, this amplifier delivers a truly immersive listening experience.

One of the standout features of the ECI-6D is its ability to reproduce details with remarkable clarity. Every nuance and subtlety in the music is brought to life, allowing you to hear intricate details that may have been previously unnoticed. Instrument separation is also outstanding, creating a spacious and three-dimensional soundstage where each instrument occupies its own distinct space.

The bass response of the ECI-6D is tight, controlled, and impactful. It provides a solid foundation to the music without overpowering or muddying the other frequencies. The mid-range is warm and natural, ensuring that vocals and instruments are reproduced with accuracy and authenticity.

The treble clarity of this amplifier is impressive, offering a delicate and refined presentation without any harshness or sibilance. High-frequency details are rendered with precision, adding an extra layer of sparkle and airiness to the overall sound.

When it comes to different music genres, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D excels in delivering an engaging performance across the board. Whether you’re listening to jazz, classical, rock, or electronic music, this amplifier effortlessly adapts to each genre’s unique characteristics. It faithfully reproduces the dynamics and energy of rock music while capturing the delicate nuances of classical compositions.

Overall, the sound characteristics of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier are nothing short of exceptional. Its ability to reproduce details, create a wide soundstage, deliver tight bass response, provide natural mid-range tones, and present clear treble make it a top choice for audiophiles who demand nothing but the best from their audio equipment.

Sound Performance

The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier delivers an exceptional sound performance that is sure to captivate any audiophile. With its precision and accuracy, this amplifier has the ability to faithfully reproduce audio signals, bringing out the true essence of every musical piece.

One of the standout qualities of the ECI-6D is its remarkable clarity. It effortlessly unveils intricate details within the music, allowing you to hear each instrument and vocal with stunning precision. The level of transparency achieved by this amplifier truly immerses you in the music, making it feel as though you are experiencing a live performance in your own home.

In terms of dynamics, the ECI-6D excels in delivering a wide range of sound. From soft whispers to thunderous crescendos, this amplifier handles dynamic shifts with finesse and control. The transient response is exceptionally quick, ensuring that no detail is lost in fast-paced passages or sudden changes in volume. This level of dynamic accuracy adds a sense of realism and excitement to your listening experience.

The tonal balance provided by the ECI-6D is nothing short of exceptional. It maintains a neutral and natural sound signature, allowing each instrument to shine without overpowering one another. The bass is tight and well-defined, providing a solid foundation to the music. The midrange is rich and full-bodied, reproducing vocals and instruments with lifelike presence. The treble is detailed and extended, adding sparkle and airiness to the overall sound.

Regardless of genre or musical preference, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier handles every type of music with grace and finesse. Whether it’s a jazz composition or an electronic track created with synthesizers, this amplifier faithfully conveys every nuance and emotion within the music.

In conclusion, the sound performance of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier is truly remarkable. Its clarity, dynamics, and tonal balance create a listening experience that is both immersive and captivating. If you are searching for an amplifier that can bring your music to life with exceptional precision and accuracy, the ECI-6D should be at the top of your list.


The Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier offers several advantages that set it apart from its competitors in the market. Firstly, its precision in transmitting sound signals is unparalleled, ensuring that every detail of the audio is accurately reproduced. Whether you’re listening to a jazz composition or a track created with an electronic synthesizer, the ECI-6D captures every nuance with exceptional clarity.

In terms of design and construction, the ECI-6D is built to impress. With a weight of 20kg, this amplifier may seem heavy, but it adds stability and durability to its construction. You can confidently place it on the floor or any other surface without any concerns about stability. The sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to its overall appearance.

Functionality-wise, the ECI-6D offers a range of features that enhance its versatility. It comes with multiple inputs located on the rear panel, allowing you to connect various devices such as PCs using a specialized cable and driver. This makes it a great addition to your home theater system. Additionally, the inclusion of an integrated DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) allows for pre-upsampling, further enhancing the audio quality.

Comparing the ECI-6D with other models in the same price range, it stands out due to its exceptional signal-to-noise ratio of 135dB and incredibly low harmonic distortion of 0.004%. These specifications ensure that you experience clean and accurate sound reproduction without any unwanted noise or distortion.

Furthermore, the ECI-6D offers an internet connection feature, allowing for seamless integration into your smart home system through RS232 control. This adds convenience and ease of use to your audio setup.

Overall, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier excels in terms of precision, design, functionality, and connectivity options. Its superior performance and attention to detail make it a top contender in its price range when compared to other amplifiers.

Value for Money

When considering the value for money of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier, it is important to assess its performance, features, and price.

In terms of performance, the ECI-6D delivers exceptional audio quality with its precise and detailed sound reproduction. The amplifier’s ability to accurately transmit any type of audio signal, whether it be a jazz composition or an electronic synthesizer track, showcases its versatility and capability to enhance the listening experience. The low distortion levels and high signal-to-noise ratio further contribute to the amplifier’s impressive performance.

The ECI-6D also boasts a range of features that add value to the overall package. The inclusion of a built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) allows for improved audio conversion, ensuring optimal playback quality. Additionally, the amplifier offers multiple inputs, including USB and XLR, providing flexibility in connecting various audio sources. The presence of an internet connection further expands the functionality of the amplifier, allowing for streaming and accessing online content.

Considering its performance and features, the price of the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier is justified. While it may be positioned at a higher price point compared to some other amplifiers on the market, the ECI-6D offers a level of audio performance and functionality that justifies its cost. The use of high-quality components and meticulous construction also contribute to its value proposition.

Ultimately, if you are seeking an amplifier that delivers exceptional audio performance, versatile features, and solid construction, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D offers excellent value for money. Its ability to accurately reproduce sound across various genres and its range of features make it a worthwhile investment for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier provides outstanding value for money with its impressive performance, comprehensive features, and meticulous construction. Despite being priced at a premium level, its ability to deliver exceptional audio quality and versatility justifies its cost. If you are looking for a high-end amplifier that offers a superior listening experience, the ECI-6D is a worthwhile investment.


In conclusion, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier is a remarkable piece of audio equipment that delivers exceptional performance and versatility. With its precise digital-to-analog conversion and ability to accurately reproduce a wide range of audio signals, this amplifier is suitable for various music genres, from jazz compositions to electronic tracks.

The amplifier’s design and construction are solid, with a weight of 20kg that ensures stability when placed on the floor. The inclusion of a built-in DAC with pre-upscaling further enhances the overall audio experience.

Functionality-wise, the ECI-6D offers multiple inputs located on the rear panel, allowing for easy connection to various devices such as PCs or home theater systems. While it lacks certain features like an equalizer or direct mode, it compensates with an integrated control system that includes a remote control for convenient sound management.

When it comes to sound characteristics, the ECI-6D excels in delivering high-fidelity audio. With a signal-to-noise ratio of 135dB and minimal distortion of 0.004%, this amplifier ensures a clean and immersive listening experience. The wide frequency range of 1Hz to 150,000Hz allows for detailed reproduction of both low and high-frequency sounds.

In terms of sound performance, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D truly shines. It offers powerful amplification with 200W per channel at 4 Ohms and 125W per channel at 8 Ohms, ensuring ample power for driving even demanding speakers. The inclusion of balanced XLR inputs and outputs further enhances the overall audio quality.

One of the key advantages of the ECI-6D is its built-in internet connection, which allows for easy integration into smart home systems and access to online streaming services. However, it lacks features like Wi-Fi, AirPlay, or Bluetooth connectivity.

Considering its technical specifications, design, functionality, and sound performance, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D offers excellent value for money. While it may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, its exceptional audio quality and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Electrocompaniet ECI-6D amplifier is a top-tier audio device that delivers outstanding sound quality and performance. Its precise digital conversion, solid construction, and wide frequency range make it a highly capable amplifier for any music genre. With its integrated control system and internet connectivity, it offers convenience and flexibility in sound management. While it may be a significant investment, the ECI-6D provides excellent value for money for those seeking uncompromising audio quality.

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