SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504: Unleashing the Power of Hi-Fi Amplification


In the world of audio enthusiasts, high-quality sound amplification is a crucial component for achieving an immersive and captivating listening experience. Whether you’re a music lover, a home theater enthusiast, or a professional sound engineer, having a reliable and powerful amplifier is essential to bring out the best in your audio setup. Today, we delve into the world of amplifiers with the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504. This four-channel Class D amplifier stands tall at 2U, designed specifically for installation purposes. With its impressive power output of 4x500W at 8 Ohms and 4x750W at 4 Ohms, the HQ-504 promises to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance.

Amplifiers play a vital role in enhancing the audio signal from various sources such as CD players, turntables, or AV receivers. They provide the necessary power to drive speakers and headphones, allowing us to enjoy music, movies, and other forms of media with enhanced clarity and depth. The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 aims to take this experience to new heights with its advanced features and impeccable craftsmanship.

Whether you’re setting up a dedicated home theater system or creating an immersive audio environment in a commercial space, the HQ-504 offers the power and versatility required to meet your needs. With its sleek silver-black design and compact form factor measuring 88mm in height, 482mm in width, and 235mm in depth, this amplifier seamlessly integrates into any setup without compromising on performance.

In this review, we will explore the technical specifications, design and construction, functionality, sound characteristics, sound performance, advantages, value for money, and ultimately conclude whether the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 lives up to its promises. So let’s dive into the world of high-fidelity sound amplification and discover what this amplifier has to offer.

Technical Specifications

The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 is a four-channel, high-efficiency Class D amplifier designed for installation purposes. With a height of 2U, this amplifier delivers impressive power output, providing 4×500 watts at 8 ohms and 4×750 watts at 4 ohms. It also offers 2×1500 watts at 8 ohms in bridge mode.

When it comes to sound quality, the HQ-504 boasts exceptional performance. It features a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, ensuring accurate reproduction of both low and high frequencies. With a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 98dB, this amplifier provides a clean and clear audio signal, minimizing unwanted background noise.

Furthermore, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 has an impressively low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.15%, ensuring minimal distortion and preserving the integrity of the audio signal.

In terms of connectivity options, this amplifier offers versatile input and output options. It supports various audio formats and features multiple inputs and outputs to accommodate different setups. Whether you’re connecting it to a mixer or using it in a multi-room audio system, the HQ-504 provides flexibility and compatibility.

The impedance of the amplifier is designed to match with most speakers, providing optimal power transfer and ensuring efficient performance. This makes it suitable for various applications, from home theaters to commercial installations.

Overall, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 excels in its technical specifications. With its powerful output, low distortion levels, wide frequency response range, and versatile connectivity options, this amplifier is sure to deliver exceptional sound quality in any audio setup.

Design and Construction

The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier boasts a sleek and modern external appearance, with a silver-black color scheme that exudes sophistication. Its compact design, standing at a height of 88mm and measuring 482mm in width, ensures it can easily fit into any installation setup without occupying excessive space. The amplifier’s construction is solid and durable, showcasing the use of high-quality materials that are built to last.

One notable design feature of the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 is its efficient cooling system. With its well-designed ventilation system, this amplifier effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating during prolonged use. This not only enhances the overall reliability of the amplifier but also ensures optimal performance even under demanding conditions.

To further minimize interference and signal degradation, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 is equipped with top-notch connectors and switches. These components are meticulously crafted to provide excellent conductivity and durability. The connectors offer a secure and stable connection, allowing for seamless integration with various audio sources. Meanwhile, the switches are smooth and responsive, ensuring easy operation and precise control over the amplifier’s settings.

Overall, the design and construction of the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier demonstrate a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. Its sleek appearance coupled with robust materials make it visually appealing while ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the thoughtful inclusion of efficient cooling mechanisms and high-quality connectors and switches highlights the manufacturer’s dedication to producing a reliable and interference-free audio experience.


The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier offers a wide range of functionality, making it a versatile choice for various audio setups. With its multiple connectivity options, this amplifier can easily accommodate different audio sources, including CD players, computers, smartphones, and more. Whether you want to connect your analog devices or take advantage of digital inputs, the HQ-504 has got you covered.

One notable feature of this amplifier is the availability of balance controls and tone adjustments. These allow you to fine-tune the audio output according to your preferences and the characteristics of your speakers. Whether you prefer a more neutral sound or want to emphasize certain frequencies, the HQ-504 gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired audio profile.

In addition to balance controls and tone adjustments, the amplifier also offers various operating modes. These modes can enhance the listening experience by optimizing the audio output for different scenarios. For example, there may be a mode specifically designed for home theater setups or one that enhances stereo imaging for music playback.

Overall, the functionality of the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier is impressive. It provides a wide range of connectivity options, balance controls, tone adjustments, and operating modes that cater to different audio preferences and setups. Whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile, this amplifier offers the flexibility and customization options needed to enhance your audio experience.

Sound Characteristics

The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier delivers exceptional sound characteristics that are sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. With its powerful performance and precise audio reproduction, this amplifier truly shines in every aspect.

When it comes to sound quality, the HQ-504 excels in providing a detailed and immersive listening experience. The amplifier effortlessly captures the nuances of each instrument, allowing for excellent instrument separation. This means that you can easily distinguish between different instruments and appreciate their individual contributions to the overall musical arrangement.

The bass response of the HQ-504 is nothing short of impressive. It delivers deep, tight, and punchy bass that adds depth and impact to your music. Whether you’re listening to bass-heavy tracks or delicate classical compositions, this amplifier ensures that the low-frequency notes are reproduced with precision and accuracy.

On the other end of the frequency spectrum, the treble clarity of the HQ-504 is exceptional. The amplifier maintains a perfect balance between crispness and smoothness, allowing for clear and well-defined high frequencies. This ensures that every cymbal crash, guitar pluck, or vocal sibilance is rendered with utmost clarity and without any harshness.

In terms of overall sound presentation, the HQ-504 creates a wide and spacious soundstage. It offers a sense of depth and dimensionality, making you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a live performance. The amplifier’s ability to accurately reproduce spatial cues enhances your listening experience and adds to the realism of the music.

The impact of the HQ-504 on different music genres is remarkable. Whether you’re enjoying rock, jazz, classical, or electronic music, this amplifier brings out the best in every genre. It adapts effortlessly to the varying sonic characteristics of different genres, ensuring that each genre is presented with its intended tonal balance and dynamics.

In summary, the sound characteristics of the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier are truly outstanding. With its attention to detail, powerful bass response, clear treble, and immersive soundstage, this amplifier elevates your listening experience to new heights. Regardless of the music genre you prefer, the HQ-504 delivers a captivating and engaging performance that will leave you wanting more.

Sound Performance

The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier delivers an exceptional sound performance that will truly captivate your auditory senses. With its powerful and efficient Class D design, this amplifier effortlessly reproduces audio signals with remarkable fidelity.

One of the standout qualities of the HQ-504 is its incredible clarity. The amplifier ensures that every detail in the audio is conveyed with precision, allowing you to hear even the subtlest nuances in your music or movie soundtracks. Whether it’s the delicate plucking of guitar strings or the crispness of vocals, this amplifier brings out the intricacies in the sound with stunning clarity.

Furthermore, the HQ-504 excels in its dynamic range, offering a wide and impactful soundstage. It effortlessly handles both soft and loud passages, allowing for an immersive listening experience. The transitions between different volume levels are seamless, ensuring that no detail is lost in the process.

Tonal balance is another area where the HQ-504 shines. It provides a well-rounded sound across all frequency ranges, from crisp highs to rich lows. The amplifier maintains a natural and balanced audio reproduction, ensuring that no part of the frequency spectrum overpowers another. This results in a harmonious and enjoyable listening experience across various genres of music.

Whether you’re an audiophile looking for accurate sound reproduction or a home theater enthusiast seeking a cinematic experience, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 delivers exceptional sound performance that will exceed your expectations. Its clarity, dynamics, and tonal balance make it a top choice for anyone who values high-quality audio.

With the HQ-504 amplifier, you can immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking sound that brings your favorite music and movies to life like never before.


The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier offers a range of advantages that set it apart from its competitors in the market. Firstly, its four-channel design provides flexibility and versatility, allowing users to power multiple speakers or zones simultaneously. This makes it an ideal choice for installation in commercial or large-scale audio setups.

In terms of power output, the HQ-504 delivers impressive performance with 4x500W at 8 ohms and 4x750W at 4 ohms. This means that it can easily handle demanding audio requirements and deliver clean and powerful sound reproduction across a wide frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

One notable advantage of the HQ-504 is its efficient Class D amplifier technology. This ensures high efficiency and reduced power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice without compromising on performance. Additionally, the amplifier’s low distortion coefficient of less than 0.15% guarantees accurate sound reproduction and minimal interference.

When compared to other models in its price range, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 stands out with its exceptional build quality and robust construction. The unit is housed in a sleek silver-black chassis, adding a touch of elegance to any audio setup. Its compact dimensions of 88mm height, 482mm width, and 235mm depth make it easy to integrate into different rack systems.

Furthermore, the HQ-504 comes with a warranty period of one year, providing peace of mind for customers who want reliable performance and after-sales support.

Overall, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier offers a range of advantages that make it a standout choice in its category. Its powerful performance, efficient design, solid construction, and competitive pricing make it a compelling option for both professional installations and enthusiasts seeking top-notch audio quality.

Value for Money

The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier offers exceptional value for money with its outstanding performance, impressive features, and competitive price point. This amplifier truly delivers on its promise of high-quality audio reproduction without breaking the bank.

In terms of performance, the HQ-504 excels in delivering powerful and clean sound. With a power output of 4x500W at 8 Ohms and 4x750W at 4 Ohms, this amplifier provides ample power to drive even demanding speaker systems. The low harmonic distortion of less than 0.15% ensures that the audio remains faithful to the original source, resulting in a rich and immersive listening experience.

Furthermore, the HQ-504 boasts a wide frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, allowing for accurate reproduction of both low and high-frequency sounds. The high signal-to-noise ratio of 98dB ensures that the audio is clear and free from unwanted background noise, enhancing the overall listening pleasure.

When it comes to features, the HQ-504 does not disappoint. It is equipped with four channels of amplification, making it suitable for multi-channel setups or powering multiple speakers simultaneously. The front LEDs provide valuable information about signal presence, limiters, and protection status, ensuring easy monitoring of the amplifier’s operation.

The build quality of the HQ-504 is also worth mentioning. With its sturdy construction and sleek silver-black design, this amplifier exudes a sense of durability and professionalism. It is compact enough to fit into standard rack units with dimensions of 88mm (height), 482mm (width), and 235mm (depth). Weighing only 7.4kg, it is also relatively lightweight for easy installation and transportation.

Considering all these factors, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier offers an excellent value proposition. Its impressive performance, comprehensive features, and competitive price make it an attractive choice for both professional installations and audiophiles seeking high-quality sound reproduction. Whether used in a home theater setup or a commercial audio system, the HQ-504 delivers exceptional value for money and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning audio enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier is a powerful and versatile amplifier that delivers exceptional audio performance. With its four channels and high efficiency Class D design, it is well-suited for installation in various settings.

The technical specifications of the HQ-504 are impressive, with a power output of 4x500W at 8 ohms and 4x750W at 4 ohms, ensuring ample power for any audio setup. The frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz allows for accurate reproduction of a wide range of audio frequencies. Additionally, the low distortion level of less than 0.15% and high signal-to-noise ratio of 98dB ensure clean and clear sound reproduction.

The design and construction of the HQ-504 are top-notch, with a sleek silver-black color scheme and a compact form factor. It measures 88mm in height, 482mm in width, and 235mm in depth, making it suitable for installation in various rack systems. The amplifier weighs 7.4kg, which is relatively lightweight considering its power capabilities.

Functionally, the HQ-504 offers useful features such as front LED indicators that provide information about signal presence, limiters, and protection status. These indicators help users monitor the amplifier’s performance and ensure optimal operation.

When it comes to sound characteristics, the HQ-504 excels in delivering high-quality audio. The low distortion levels contribute to accurate sound reproduction without any unwanted artifacts or coloration. The wide frequency range ensures that all nuances of the audio are faithfully reproduced, from deep bass to crisp highs. Additionally, the high signal-to-noise ratio ensures a clean and dynamic soundstage.

In terms of sound performance, the HQ-504 truly shines. Its powerful output allows for impactful and immersive audio experiences, whether used in a home theater setup or for professional applications. The amplifier handles complex and demanding audio with ease, delivering detailed and well-balanced sound across all channels.

The SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier offers several advantages. Its high power output, low distortion levels, and wide frequency range make it suitable for a variety of audio applications. The sleek design and compact size ensure easy integration into existing setups. Furthermore, the amplifier’s reliability and durability are backed by a one-year warranty.

In terms of value for money, the HQ-504 offers excellent performance at a competitive price point. Considering its power capabilities, sound quality, and build quality, it represents a worthwhile investment for both audio enthusiasts and professionals.

In summary, the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 amplifier is a standout performer in its class. With its powerful output, clean sound reproduction, and reliable construction, it is a versatile choice for any audio setup. Whether used in a home theater or professional environment, this amplifier delivers exceptional performance that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. Potential buyers looking for a high-quality amplifier should definitely consider the SVS Audiotechnik HQ-504 for its impressive features and outstanding audio performance.

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